Monday, October 18, 2010

my seven-month-old and some other random stuff

Oliver is pretty much amazing. He is so much fun. He is happy 90% of the time. I love it. Today in church he was flirting with Jackie, who was sitting behind me. He kept laughing at her - not just a giggle but seriously laughing so loudly. I had to take him out of the room (Gospel Doctrine) because he was disrupting the class with his laughing. So cute.

Life is crazy since school started a couple of weeks ago. I work part time 2 1/2 days a week, have class two nights a week (for 2 1/2 hours each class). Not too bad. The tough part is finding time to do the reading, write papers (there is always a paper to write) and do things like shadow policy makers and submit position papers to local newspapers. This quarter I'm starting my senior capstone project (which is basically a huge project that is the culmination of my graduate experience). My teacher started an agency for her project when she was in grad school. It's a little intimidating. I think I figured out what I'm going to do though, and I'm excited about it. It has to do with foster kids. More to come on that later.

Here is a random fact for you. Did you know that dolphins sleep with one eye closed so that side of their brain can rest while the other eye stays open to watch for predators? Also, one eye can see to the side while the other eye looks straight ahead. Very cool. (We are watching a documentary on dolphins right now. Dolphins are pretty cool.)

My poor husband is on call and has had to work all night the past two nights and just got paged again. I feel so bad for him.

A few cute things I've seen online (I usually spend time online while I'm working out - yes, I take my laptop on the treadmill with me and allow myself computer time while I'm getting a workout. It's working so far). 
These trick-or-treat bags are super cute. Not that we need one anytime soon. 

These journals are lovely, as are these.

I think that's about it for now. I've got to get to sleep so I can face another busy week.


Tyson Roberts said...

those are some awesome pictures of oliver!

jack!e said...

That just MADE my day when Oliver kept laughing at me. He made me feel so special. What a little cutie pie! =]

Linds said...

wow I love those pictures of Oliver. Especially the second one where his lips are closed. wow he is freakin cute