Monday, October 4, 2010

my lds stake app and general conference

I am sharing this link a bit late since it's promoting a special that is good through General Conference weekend, but I still wanted to let you know about the product. Many of you have probably heard about it - a ward / stake directory app for your iphone or ipad. It looks pretty cool and would be very convenient. It was created by a couple of people in my ward, which is even cooler. Check it out here.

By the way, General Conference was wonderful. I feel rejuvenated. I especially liked President Monson's talk about gratitude. I'm excited for the Conference edition of the Ensign so I can review the talks and underline things that stand out to me (I'm a visual person so I do better being able to read a talk and take notes on it rather than listen to it). I'm grateful to have a prophet on the earth who is a mouthpiece for our Heavenly Father. I really believe that and my testimony was only strengthened after hearing him speak today.

I am really not ready to face this coming week.

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Louise said...

I really enjoyee Pres. Monson's talk also. I am also grateful for a living prophet. Have a good week