Thursday, October 21, 2010

church and state can come together after all

On Monday I shadowed Senator Claudia Kauffman at a luncheon / meet n' greet. At this event, each of the candidates representing several districts got a few minutes to speak, to inform those in attendance about their campaign and why they should vote for them. It was kind of interesting. The thing that really stuck out to me though, was that they started the meeting with a prayer. The person who prayed addressed Heavenly Father and asked that they have clear minds to make good decisions with integrity that are in the best interest of the public. Afterward there was a resounding amen. I was so impressed. It seems I am often in contact with people (mostly at school) who don't believe in God. It was so nice to see our policy makers and leaders (and potential policy makers and leaders) uniting in prayer for guidance to make good decisions in our behalf. I felt the Spirit strongly during that prayer. It gives me hope.


The Weed said...

That's actually really cool. I'm glad to hear about that. I really am.

jack!e said...

Wow, I am surprised to hear that. That's very cool!