Monday, June 23, 2008


We celebrated our anniversary on Saturday night by going here and here. I recommend both. We had these blue cheese fries at Joey's that were amazing. We tried lobster for the first time and we both really liked it.

I haven't officially started working yet so I'm taking these next few days to clean, organize, scrapbook, try new recipes, read, take pictures, and relax. I haven't scrapbooked in so long, and part of that is because my room has been a disaster. Getting organized will change that so it's my first priority. It's half way done, I just need to finish it.

That's all for now. Nothing too exciting. Just enjoying my Summer.


*C said...

Joey's looks super fun and swanky!! Glad you got to celebrate your 4th in style!! And isn't lobster the best!! Yum yum!! :)

Kamarah, Frank & Maelee said...

Woo hoo for 4 years! A beautiful and fun couple indeed! ALSO CONGRATS ON YOUR FUN NEW JOB AND INTERSHIP! Wow what a blessing!

The Reese Family said...

You've got wonderful things going on! Congratulations on 4 years. In this world, staying happily married is no easy task, but when you've got two wonderful people working at it, blessings follow. Hey, the diamond in my ring "floats" too :D Funny... :) You can read some of our anniversary story on my blog...look in the older posts, April 16th :)

Michele said...

I wish I could come scrapbook with you Friday night. Maybe next time! Enjoy!