Thursday, January 24, 2008

i love thrift stores

I don't have too much to write about but I do want to share a picture of this little treasure I found at the thrift store the other day. It's perfect for displaying my acrylic paints.

We watched Amazing Grace last night. It was a really inspiring movie. I especially loved it because I learned a lot of what the movie was about in my Social Welfare History class last quarter and social work is all about advocacy and making a difference, which is also the theme of this movie. Rent it if you want to feel inspired.

Happy Thursday!


elizabeth said...

Very sweet! I've yet to find any nice thrift/antique stores on the Eastside :(

Krystell said...

I absolutely loved that movie! What a tear jerker! It opened my eyes to a new world, I never knew the story behind "Amazing Grace" until then. And how amazing the guy was to keep pressing onward, no matter how dalting the task. Truely Amazing