Saturday, December 15, 2007

altered stars

I am so excited that I have a few weeks of break before starting classes again. My last final was yesterday. It was a rough morning...I left my house a little after 8:00 so I could be there in time for my 9:15 final. There was an accident on the 5 South though so I didn't get there until 10:30. I was freaking was so frustrating to be sitting there in traffic, knowing that I was missing my final. It did all work out though - my professor gave me an hour and a half to complete it once I got there. But still, it was very stressful getting there and I'm glad it's over.

The first thing I did after coming home from my last class was make a creative project. I started these altered stars at the beginning of December with the intent to have them done for our party but of course I didn't have time to finish them. They are just simple but it was fun to make something again.

We're going to Home Depot so that's all for now.


the goodie box girls said...

I love love love your stars! It must be nice to be finished!! Merry Christmas!

Kim :)

Marci Coombs said...

Okay...those are the cutest stars ever! What is the actual star made out of? And is the NOel wording a stamp? Too cute! Keep posting your projects...I love to see them!

Ashley said...

Marci, the stars are wood. I'm sure you could get wood stars at any craft store (such as Michaels). The Noel wording is a cute card I got from etsy. I hope to work on lots of projects over my break. :)

ali mclaughlin said...

Those are so cute Ashley!

jessica said...

hello, i read your blog now and then, and i love seeing your projects, recipes and hearing your stories. i just scrolled down and read those 7 things about you, and it is unbelievable that you have 64 journals!!!! how often do you write? everyday? how do you find time. that is just amazing.
love the stars!

Molly said...

these stars are so fun! It's great to take something handmade out year after year at the holidays. And, I love your saw (above) ahhhhh.... to be back in woodshop:)

Merry Christmas! - Molly