Saturday, December 22, 2007

six things

A week has gone by since I last blogged. Crazy that I am as busy on my break as I was while in school. I have been making stuff like crazy - gifts and Christmas cards. I have also been editing tons of pictures from a recent photo shoot we did (which I will share in another post so this one won't get too long). I am going to switch to a list format for this post since I have so much to share.

1. I can't share some of the things I've been making because certain recipients of those gifts read my blog. However, my cousin does not so I will share the gift I made for him and his wife (thanks to help from my friend Kristi). Click on it to see it bigger.

2. I had my first lesson in woodworking the other night. Wendel bought me a Scroll Saw as an early Christmas present (though not that exact one I linked to) so I can make cool things out of wood for my etsy shop (and for me to create fun things with). I didn't know I would love it so much. It reminds me of a "guy version" of a sewing machine because it has a piece that looks like a presser foot. Very cool. Here I am trying it out for the first time. (Aren't the goggles flattering?)

Wendel made this for me to show me a rough example of what this saw can do (my nickname is Ab).

3. We went to a Christmas party the other night where we played The Newly Wed Game. And we won! We scored a 29 out of 40 possible points. Nice! We won this basket full of goodies, including a Blockbuster gift card. Fun!

4. I also went to my friend Jessica's Christmas party last night. It was a girls-only party out in Bremerton. Once I finally got there it was really fun (I kind of got lost). Cool to just hang out, play games, and celebrate the season.
5. Remember my pretty scrapbook room? This is what being insanely busy and producing one project after another has done to it (which began when school started and hasn't had a chance for recovery since then).

Are you cringing in embarrassment for me? I know, it's bad. Something must be done about it. Soon. It's driving me crazy. I've made 65 Christmas cards, numerous Christmas gifts, my altered stars, and other miscellaneous projects in these conditions. I just shove stuff to the side and continue. Pathetic!
6. I have some really good news to share - I am officially a Washington State Resident! No longer will I have to pay insane amounts of money to attend school as a non-resident. This is a very good thing.
7. We are watching Grey's Anatomy Season 3, which my brother gave us as a Christmas present. But since we knew what it was, we opened it early so we could watch it while I'm on break. It's fun to wind down in the evenings while watching Grey's.

Okay, that's all for now. I will be back soon to share pictures from some recent photo shoots.


Nicole Lund said...

I saw you on 2 peas and had to comment about your studio because mine looks the same at this time of year (I used to think it was just because I was in school but I've been out for seven years now and it still gets the same way) :D

Andrea N said...

I am so impressed that you would show us your room in that condition. Thanks for keeping it real. It looks like the corner of my bedroom set aside for wrapping gifts & folding clothes (what a combination huh?). BTW, thanks for the beautiful Christmas card that came from that room.

Kim said...

Have a great Christmas!