Wednesday, December 12, 2007

random things

Another tag! I was tagged by Elizabeth to list seven random things about me.
1. I have 64 journals. I started keeping a journal when I was eight and haven't stopped. It's fun to look back and "read myself."
2. I was a nanny in Minnesota for nine months after I graduated from high school.
3. Most of my life I thought that if I kept the car running while filling up my gas tank the car would explode. I know now this is not the case, but still usually turn the car off anyway.
4. I hate morning breath so much that even if I wake up in the night for a few minutes, I usually go and brush my teeth before I am able to fall back asleep.
5. I have never seen all of Star Wars all the way through.
6. I really don't like ground meat of any kind. Not a fan.
7. I have lived in six states and two countries.

I am tagging Chanthoeun, Josh and Laurel, Crystal, Mamie, Kim, Tami, Andrea, Becky, Marci, and Kamarah (and anyone else who wants to play along).


*C said...

This is a great tag! I love your 7 random things! 64 journals is insane!! :) I have one. I wish i was that good at keep a journal. I sorta think this blog thing kinda counts and scrapbooking too. But no wonder you're so good at scrapbooking and blogging. And I too have never seen Star Wars all the way through.

... Well, I think it might take me a bit to come up with interesting random things about me, but I promise to get this tag posted for you!

TamBaum said...

I see that you tagged me but it might be awhile. If you look back in my archives you will see I did 100 things about me. I am pretty much out of things to say.