Friday, September 14, 2007

The Mariners Game

We went to a Mariners Game last night. It was the first game we've been to and the first baseball game I've been to in about eight years. It was really fun - such a good game. They played the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The Mariners were losing through most of it but came back in the the 8th inning - from 7 to 1 (Mariners down) to 8 to 7. The Mariners won. Everyone was really excited and it was fun to get into it. We had really good seats too - we were behind 3rd base, about twenty rows up.

Dub with his mitt, hoping to catch a foul ball.

These guys are so flexible!

And then our camera battery died so here is a really bad one taken with our cell phone camera of us in our new Mariners hats.


Shannon said...

It looks like you guys had a great time at the Mariners. It's always fun to go to Safeco field. We had fun with you guys this weekend. Sorry I wasn't too fun. I'll explain in person/later.

the goodie box girls said...

Love your pictures! And so fun to check out your etsy shop. I've wanted to start one, but just haven't had time.
Kim :)

marci said...

Ashley - I'm Marci Coombs...Joe's wife. I got your link through the Millsaps blog and check it periodically. Just wanted to say how cute it is and I love your style! Let me know how the etsy shop works out...way cute cards! Joe mentioned that you and Wendall might be coming to AZ sometime soon. If so, when? We're wanting to plan a get together so let us know.

marci said...

Hey again.. I couldn't find your email on your blog anywhere so here I am commenting again. Please let us know your plans. We'd love to have you guys, the Millsaps and a few other couples over for a bbq and games if it works out. We're pretty flexible. Just let us'd be fun! You can email me at: