Wednesday, September 12, 2007

**my etsy shop**

I'm excited to share with you that I've opened an etsy shop! For those who aren't familiar with etsy, it's an online place to buy and sell things handmade. People can open individual stores and I finally got around to getting mine up and running. It is currently stocked full of adorable mini quote book kits, handmade cards, and custom photo blocks. Click here to check it out. (It is also linked at my sidebar on the right under "My Stuff.")

Tonight I canned peaches for the first time ever. I've actually never canned anything before but we did it with the girls for mutual and it was really fun.

And now I'm off to read and relax. Just wanted to let you know about my little shop.


kellymccaleb said...

hey ashley! i bought the frames at a pottery barn seconds store, but i think they are the ashby frames from pottery barn kids!

Linds said...

the etsy shop is awesome! you have such good ideas! i need you to make me something cool-- like my whole life story! hahaa

*C said...

Fun Stuff!! I hope it takes off for you. You rock at that kind thing, though!! You're so talented!