Monday, April 30, 2007


I won the contest at The Goodie Box for a layout I made about me. I get a fun little box of cute scrapbooking goodies from Talia and Kim. I'm so excited! Just wanted to share.

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J. said...

-shey ashley. i got your comment about missing us. sorry we have been sick and busy and more. i keep thinking i'll get on and work on that blog but then i feel under the weather again. i promise i'll post just for this week! i still have a great mommy moment to share. i read through your blog. i enjoyed reading about the benefit crop. i'm actually going to an all day crop sponsored by an online store this saturday. its a really nice catered thing thats free and in celebration of national scrapbook day. i'm really looking forward to doing something for myself. i hope you get into your program. love ya.