Friday, April 27, 2007

things on my mind today

1. My sore mouth. Today I went to the dentist...again. This is the third time in the past few weeks. First was the cleaning, then the right side of my mouth worked on, and today the left side. I still can't open it all the way. Does anyone else shake when they numb your mouth? My hands start shaking uncontrollably. Weird.

2. Adult acne. This really shouldn't exist. I mean, I'm 27. Give me a break.

3. What the next two years of my life will consist of. I am holding my breath, waiting to hear back from the social work program at UW. I haven't wanted something this badly in a long time...which will make it even better if I get accepted, but it's not fun waiting to find out. Apparently, around 200 people apply to this program every year and only between 40 and 50 are accepted. Not great odds (good thing I took Stats so I could know that...) I was told I would hear back "Some time in May, but by June 1st at the latest." However, I called admissions the other day to make sure they received my last transcript and the lady asked me if I had heard from the social work program yet and I said no and she said, "You'll be hearing from them very soon," as if she knew something about it. They're killing me!

4. Rain. Because, well, it's raining. Pretty gloomy day.

5. I'm about to watch "A Bug's Life." No, not a leisure activity on a Friday afternoon (scrapbooking would so take precedence over this movie, btw). This is actually an assignment for my Sociology class. Some of the characters demonstrate some of the types of leadership we're learning about, and I have to write an essay about it. Doesn't that sounds like fun? I've never actually seen this movie - maybe it will be entertaining.

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