Wednesday, May 2, 2007

meet blue

This is Blue, our new pooch.

Blue is a year old and has one blue eye (hence the name). He is a Pug/ Dashund mix. He was advertised as a Dashund, which is what we were looking for...apparently they forgot to mention he's a mix. But as soon as I picked him up, he fell asleep on my chest (he is a cuddler). He's very sweet and friendly and he has a very "chill" personality. And let's be honest, we are animal lovers. I, for one, have a hard time turning them down. Especially one who is as sweet as Blue. So we took him home with us.

Kitty has never been a fan of dogs, but since Blue sleeps so much (90% of the time so far), we think he may think Blue is a big cat. And Squeak is cool with him, but is back to being in "high places." (He did this when we had Kipp and Darla, our dogs in Arizona.)

A couple of things I missed about having a dog are 1. The errand buddy in the car. 2. Evening walks. We have already done both. It's nice having a pooch again.

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Kim said...

He's so cute! When we watched my brothers dog for 3 weeks I loved that we had to exercise everyday (take him for a walk). It was great motivation! Congrats on winning the Goodie Box! We loved your layout!