Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a few things

*It is STILL looking like Spring. What is going on here? No rain! I'm loving it!
*Some of you who read this blog might already know who Ali Edwards is. She's pretty amazing. She has an autistic son and she's raising money for autism research. She has a donate button on her site that allows you to donate to this cause. She has already raised $27,240 through her own efforts. It's awesome. Kevin Bacon is actually going to match the person with the most donations, up to $10,000. This ends on March 31st. You can read more about it here. If you want to donate to a charity, this is an awesome cause. Ali also put instructions to a cute album on her blog to say thank you. Just thought I'd mention it.
*So since it was so nice on Sunday, Dub and I thought we'd try a bit of leisurely rollerblading on a trail we recently discovered by our house. We also took the neighbor's dog, Pimpin (yes, you read that correctly) with us for company (the benefits of owning a dog without actually owing a dog. Nice.) I had our camera around my neck for any great shots that we didn't want to miss. I got these, as well as some others.

So we were blading along, enjoying the lovely weather and Pimpin's company, when we came upon a hill. I was holding Dub's hand, and he was holding Pimpin's leash. We went zooming down that hill, and the wheel of my right blade got caught in the grass or something...and I hit the ground hard. My biggest concern here was our camera, which I had around my neck, so instead of catching my fall with my hands, I protected the camera and rolled a few times. I hit my shin and my hip and I have what feels like whiplash in my neck. It's very sore. So next time I think the blades will stay at home and I will be on foot. Either that or I will let Dub and Pimpin go ahead (that dog has some pull).
*I made this. I would like to make a layout for each age I am every year and compile them in an album. I think this will be fun for our (future) kids to look at someday.

*This made my day yesterday.

And that's all I have to say for now. Back to my to-do list!

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Becky Noël said...

What a great idea for the age page! :) Hope you're feeling better soon!!!!