Thursday, March 29, 2007

a celebration

I got a B- in my Stats class. This might not sound like something you would post on your blog, but let me tell you, I worked so hard in the class. Math does not, never has, and never will (I can say that because I'm officially done with my math classes now) come easily to me. It is a battle, I tell you. I usually come out with a C, so this B- is nice. It represents sweat and tears (not so much blood, but too much longer and it could've reached that point).

No more math! Yay! Huge sigh of relief!


Becky Noël said...

YAY!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!! :)

J. said...

congrats. math never was my strong suit either. clark and i always joke that if we ever get to make our own world after this life, then he'll take care of the whole mechanics/physics/calculation part and i'll do the actual bio creativity thing. he doesn't get chemistry at all. and i would've flunked physics if i weren't the teachers pet! good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,
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