Monday, April 2, 2007

my life monday and beautiful washington

I came across a link to a blog on my friend's blog, and I couldn't stop reading the blog I linked to. The writing was good, and I was sucked in. One of the things this girl does is called "My Life Monday." She posts a topic on Mondays and everyone is invited to link what they wrote about that topic on their blogs to her blog. I have read these for a while now and haven't joined in, but today I'm hoping on the wagon. So the topic this week is dreams, particularly crazy dreams. How could I not post about this one? I have the craziest dreams all the time. Dub probably thinks I'm crazier with each passing day as I tell him about the goings on in my head at night. I dream pretty much every night, and usually numerous times a night. Generally, I dream a lot about a friend of mine from high school who I had a sort of falling out with. I think because I didn't have closure with her, she keeps showing up in my dreams all the time. Same with anyone I haven't had closure with. It's weird. But this particular girl - I not only see her in my dreams, but her family too. At least a couple of times a week.

I don't have nightmares often, but I did have one a few months ago about another person I'm lacking closure with (not that there are tons of people I lack closure with in my life...) and I literally woke up sweating with my heart pounding and my hands all clammy. Trying to forget that dream forever.

Let me see if I can think of a crazy dream to share with you. Okay, this one is going way least seven or eight years ago. There was this guy I went to high school with (I'll call him Al) and although we weren't friends and didn't have the same friends, we did have a class together and we talked in class often. He was kind of a rebellious guy - not my type at all - but nice. I ended up sharing some of my religious beliefs with him, and we hung out a few times and talked about religion and what life is all about. So now that you have that background, here's the dream:

I was being persecuted for my religious beliefs. My hands were bound behind my back with rope and I was taken by a group of guys to this open field, where they handed me over to a guy who appeared to be their leader. They put my hands on a slab of rock and I knew they were going to cut them off (I told you this is a crazy dream). I started to loose hope...hope not only for keeping my hands, but for life and faith and everything in general. Then I noticed my ring (this ring was symbolic to me at the time, but I won't go into that now) and seeing it renewed in me a sense of hope. I knew I would get through this and no matter what happened, my faith would not falter. I looked into the eyes of the man with the axe and we recognized each other. He was Al, the guy I had class with in high school. Once he realized who I was, he let me go and told me that he had read the book I had given him and it changed his life (um, apparently not too drastically if he was about to cut off my hands!). Weird, weird dream. Lots more details to it but I won't bore you. I can't think of any I've had recently, which is weird since they occur so frequently.

ETA: I just remembered my dream from last night. I was suspicious of this house I kept walking by, so I decided to investigate. Upon doing so, I discovered that something weird was going on. A bunch of people lived there but they didn't really know what they were doing there. They seemed to be treated well, and they told me all about the gifts that were given to them clothes, going out to eat all the time, etc. I hid in the closet and got caught by some of the staff. I decided that was okay since I was still investigating...I would just pretend to live there while I figured things out. I rememeber having fun there - I loved being pampered and spoiled. We went out to eat one night and had the best time. One of my friends from high school (surprisingly not the same friend I mentioned above who I have closure issues with) was there too, and when we got back from dinner, we were in our room and I commented on how big the pupils of her eyes looked (I think this came from a conversation Dub, his sister and I had the night before about cat's pupils being big). She told me the same and then I realized we must have been drugged (what a detective I am in my dream!). I looked around our room and realized there were weird things everywhere and we were in fact being drugged. Dub was there too. He was downstairs in the living room of this place, so I went down and told him I thought we were being drugged. I was overheard by the staff and this guy came toward me with a needle (to drug me again). I was freaking out because I knew what was going on - these people pretended to spoil us while drugging us and doing who knows what that we couldn't remember. Once the drugs wore off, they gave us more shots, but we just didn't remember any of it. I ran outside to get away from the guy but he caught up to me and jabbed the needle into me twice. I yelled at him and told him that he's a jerk and that I hate him. I didn't understand how Dub didn't get what was going on - or was he just pretending to not know? I hoped that was it. The lady in charge of everything came over to me right after that guy gave me the shot. She said something about how this is her world and we just don't know we're in it. I looked at Dub to see how he would react. The lady was also curious - she wanted to know if he understood what she said. He didn't seem to understand, but again, I hoped he was pretending. I was starting to get fuzzy and knew I would forget all of this soon, but I told the lady I knew what she was doing. Then I woke up. Again, weird.

This is turning out to be a long post already, but I wanted to share some pictures from this weekend. Dub and I went to Portland to see his sister and her husband and be there for their first time meeting their foster children. It was so fun to be there and meet them. They're beautiful. The pictures I have to share are actually from our drive on the way there, taken out of the window in our car. I just love how beautiful Washington is. I really like the clouds in the first picture, the huge farmhouse with the wraparound porch in the second to last picture, and the moon and low clouds in the last picture. I didn't edit these photos at all, except to lighten the farmhouse picture and crop a couple of pictures - it really was just that beautiful outside. I love it here!

Happy Monday everyone!

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Rachelle said...

Gorgeous pics! And thanks so much for participating. It was fun to read your dreams. I look forward to reading more of your blog!!