Sunday, March 25, 2007

signs of spring...but i know better

Even though there is still a chill in the air, there are signs of spring. There are these flowers in our front yard that are about to bloom, blue skies, and a beautiful tulip sitting on our counter.

However, I've been told that it's just a tease. There are still many more dreary days to come until Spring really shows its true colors. I guess I'll take what I can get. At least there are pretty things to look at in the meantime.

We got home from church a while ago and we're just relaxing. Sundays are nice relaxing days.

Last night we went to a housewarming party at Dub's new boss's house ($850,000, 7 or 8 bedrooms (I lost count), one of which was a theater, plus a spectacular view). They are Eastern Indian and had an feast of Indian food for us. That happens to be one of our favorite foods ever, so we were in heaven. Yum! It was also fun to see the beautiful clothes the women wore. I love the colors and the intricate details.

I have also been scrapbooking this weekend. I made a simple wedding layout. I'm finally working on our wedding stuff again. It's about time! I also made a card and will be working on some other things today. Here is the wedding layout:

You can see the other things here.

Have a great Sunday!

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Lesle said...

I love your pictures. So cute!