Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the difference a year makes

A year ago I was feeling very sore and tired. I was uncomfortable all of the time. I was about three weeks away from delivering Oliver, and I was feeling it. My feet were swollen, my stomach itched, and my back hurt all the time. I felt like I couldn't possibly get any bigger (but somehow I did). I couldn't sleep well and waddled when I walked.

It's amazing how much can change in a year. Our sweet little guy has changed our lives so much. I really love being a Mom and think it's the greatest thing ever.

In reviewing our photos from January, I realized that I hadn't taken very many of Oliver (actually, not very many photos at all of anyone or anything), so I pulled out the camera last week and took quite a few. I thought I would share some here.

On the one sunny day we had last week, I took Oliver on a walk. He loved it.

He is actually happy, not crying in this picture.

Playing with Tupperware is an all-time favorite.
Playing with pots & pans is another favorite.
Playing with Dad is fun. Oliver squeals when Wendel gets home.  
Getting ready to take a bath. Oliver loves baths.
I love this little kick he's doing in excitement for his bath.
He seems to think that opening and closing doors is pretty cool. (Yes, that is food on his face.)
I cannot believe that Oliver will be a year old in less than a month. It is amazing to me how much he has grown and changed over the past year. We sure love this kid.


lkdoria said...

Those are such great pictures. He is growing so fast. He has such cute expressions. Can't wait to see him in three weeks.

Alleman Family said...

He is so so so cute! I love those pics! I think my fav is the one where you can see his two little bottom teeth. :)

Lindsey said...

i love his flannel shirt. soooo cute! oh my i can't believe how big and older he is getting. i miss you guys soo much!! i love the pic where wendel is holding him upside down and he is just staring at the camera haha

Lindabee said...

what a cute collection!! love his little smirks and wise grins. I see more of Wendel in him these days. You guys gotta be proud!! love ya.....lindabee

Jenna said...

I loved all of these pics!

imbritney said...

Oh, man! so cute!! He's getting so big!!!

Kali said...

I Love all the pictures of your little man.

Sarah said...

What a cutie! It is absolutely amazing how much they change in that first year. They change so much every year, but that first year is just so much so fast. I love all of the pictures you took, they capture him so well :)