Monday, January 31, 2011


Oliver on Thanksgiving Day 2010

*Loving how my cute little guy is learning and growing so much. He is wanting to be independent lately. It's pretty cute to watch him trying to do things on his own. He is amazing.
*Loving the fact that I finally completed the majority of my Senior Capstone Project (akin to a thesis in my field). It was 50 pages and so much work. It doesn't help that I'm a perfectionist, and overachiever, and a people-pleaser. These are things I've learned about myself these past few years being in school. They are both blessings and curses but in the end, they are good qualities to have as a student. I'm actually really, really excited about my project. I'm expanding Independent Living services for foster youth who are about to age out of the system to the area where I live (currently there aren't services available for them here). That includes finding a location to hold the workshops, putting together workshop curriculum, and doing lots of outreach to inform foster youth, foster parents, and service providers about these workshops. I'm also contributing to a website that is a great resource for emancipating foster youth. The 50 pages I just turned in last Thursday was all of the research that backs up this project that I'm implementing. I've been working on it since September. I'm very passionate about it and excited to help foster youth in my area.
*Loving that, thanks to a fitness challenge and Weight Watchers, I feel so much healthier lately. I have lost some weight, which is great, but I also just feel really healthy. (Part of the fitness challenge is that I can only eat out once a week and I have to drink 64 ounces of water a day...these are not easy goals for me - the eating out is hard because I'm always on the go, and the water is difficult because I am a sipper and just can't finish that much water in a day comfortably (but I'm doing it).
*Loving our new mini van. We got a used Toyota Sienna. It is so nice having extra space.
*Loving this blog. I admire this girl's faith and have really enjoyed reading about her conversion. Start here.

One thing I'm not loving is how I stay up really late on Sunday nights because I don't want the weekend to end, and then I am super tired on Mondays. It is not a good pattern but it happens over and over again. And on that note, I'm going to bed.


jack!e said...

Ashley, you inspire me more and more each day! Your Senior Capstone Project sounds amazing. You are such a wonderful person with a big heart and will make a difference in so many peoples' lives.

Thanks for sending me a link to that blog. I have been reading it all night and this morning. I can totally relate to that girl (it almost seems like she is telling my story!). It was nice of you to think of me. =]

And lastly, Oliver is adorable. Hope you guys are doing well!

Katie Tyler said...

how do i pass up a blog titled Loving?!
this was so wonderful- there was even a happiness and contentment in your "voice" that things are really working out :)
P.S. I have been wondering if someone was staying at your house with the minivan!
P.S.S. you look AMAZING! yesterday at church you looked awesome! way to go!

Lindsey said...

I am so amazed by you ab! You have gone through so much to get where you are today. you are such an example to me in school, relationships, and being a mother. Love you.