Thursday, November 4, 2010

cute gratitude project

If you're looking for a cute gratitude project to do with your family, check this out. There are also lots of good ideas in the comments, so be sure to read through those. If you start a gratitude project, leave a comment here so we can check it out.

My family is coming into town for Thanksgiving so maybe I will give one of those ideas a try. A couple of years ago I had each family member write what they were grateful for and then compiled it into a book with pictures from Thanksgiving weekend and gave everyone a copy.

One thing I do throughout the year is keep a gratitude journal (you can see some pictures and a few thoughts about it here - scroll down to the bottom of the post).

When I was going to Ricks College (about a million years ago - am I still in school? Yes, yes I am.) my roommates and I taped several poster boards together and wrote "Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude" at the top. We then had everyone who came into our apartment write what they were grateful for. It was uplifting to read the gratitude board.

Please share any other ideas you have around gratitude. Let's inspire each other.

Okay, I have lots of homework to do and have been procrastinating long enough. Signing off.


lindsey kaye said...

i love it ab. I think i'm going to do that this weekend with the kids. what an awesome Idea!

Katie Tyler said...

so cute!
and i love the other blog- i think i will have to do that with my family- i love the idea of having it be permanent (instead of erasing it like mine)

SO glad we talked about this idea this summer! :)