Sunday, November 29, 2009

thanksgiving weekend highlights

*Rather than having a traditional Thanksgiving, we went to a vegan restaurant, Plum, with my brother in Seattle and then to see New Moon. It was nice not to have to prepare all of that food and do all of those dishes (I think I am re-entering the tired mode of this pregnancy. I am all about simplicity). It was nice to spend time with my brother and W. (And, no pictures to show from Thanksgiving this year - part of that whole simplicity thing, I guess.)

*It was wonderful having Friday off as well. It was a catch-up day. We cleaned our house and I worked on editing, which was very much needed. I now have a very clean shower to show for it, among other things, which makes me happy.

*Saturday we had a shoot (these are getting more and more difficult as I can no longer lay on my stomach or bend in ways I am used to) and then we bought our tree and started decorating our house. I cannot believe it is Christmastime. I just can't believe it. Wasn't it just Christmas? Where does the time go? The older I get, the faster it goes.

*Today after church we had dinner with some friends and my brother came over to watch Star Trek with us. It was a nice, relaxing day.

It's so difficult to go back to work after nice, long weekends like these.


My Wonderful Life said...

I agree with you. it is hard to go back to work after long weekends. The older you get the faster time goes by. I am glad you were able to relax on Sunday and put up your tree. Have a good week

Amy said...

So glad you ended up having a great Thanksgiving! Was the restaurant good? I hope so!