Monday, August 31, 2009

the heartbeat

P.S. Here's our baby's heartbeat, for those interested in this kind of thing. There are a couple of parts where I am laughing (the two loud noises in the beginning) and then we are talking over some of it but you get the idea. What a sweet sound.

Also, today is the first day that I had energy and wasn't extremely exhausted in quite a while. I almost felt like I did before I was pregnant (almost). We even went out to dinner at to a Mariner's game with my brother after work and it was great.


Krystell said...

YEAH!! I am so incredibly excited for you two!! Thanks for sharing the heartbeat....always a huge sigh when you hear that =0) You two will be the funnest parents. Hopefully you will still have enough energy from now on =0)

*C said...

Awe!! I am so excited for you!! 12 weeks already?!! You're not showing almost at all even. Just a teeny tiny bump! So cute!! You look great!!...Sorry for your lack of energy though. Hopefully it will get better soon. So so excited for you! You and Wendel will be great parents I'm sure! ... Oh and I can't believe you going for grad school at the same time! I swear you are some kind of superwoman!! :) Good luck with everything!!

Leslie said...

That's so exciting! I can't wait to meet your little darling.