Sunday, May 3, 2009

my wonderful husband

[One of our engagement pictures, 2004]

Last Wednesday night, I was at a fundraiser until 10:00pm. I was hungry and tired when I got home. My thoughtful husband had picked up Chipotle for me (one of my favorite things to eat ever) and had it waiting when I got home.

Later in the week, I was stressing out because I had promised a friend I would help her with a project but I just did not have time to do it. He stepped up, even though he had no idea how to do what was required, learned it all himself with online tutorials and completed the project.

I'm feeling pretty lucky. I really couldn't make it without him.


Krystell said...

WOW!! I would say that you are pretty lucky! He's a keeper ;0) I bet you just can't wait for's almost here!!

Michaelynn said...

Wonderful W. Hang in there ... you're almost finished!

Laurel Weed said...

Cute picture of you guys! Good luck in the next upcoming weeks.

Andrea N said...

Yay for awesome husbands. Way to go on getting brownie points Wendel, you may need to save them for later. =)
Hope you're not feeling too overwhelmed, Ashley. You are so close!

Kamarah said...

He is suck a sweetheart! You two are great at loving each other - nice job Wendel aka Stewart (remember how I called him that when you came over to dinner a million years ago)!

lilly and dilly said...

oh W.. you are the you two are adorable :)