Sunday, May 24, 2009

happy things

I haven't checked in in a while. I have been so busy, running from one thing to the next. Only a few more weeks until I graduate. I'm feeling it.

A few things that are making me happy lately:

1. Yesterday my friend Dodie and I had a "girls' day" to celebrate her birthday and my graduation. We got manicures and pedicures, grabbed some breakfast, hit the shops in Sumner (where I got three cute shirts and she got a cute decoration for her home), and then went out to lunch. It was such a nice, relaxing day. So fun! (For those who haven't been to Sumner, you can see what one of the stores looks like here to give you an idea of the cute shops there.)
I've always wanted to paint my fingernails bright red, just for fun.

2. I bought some fresh flowers for our kitchen table, which I love. They are so bright and cheery and remind me of the nice weather we have had lately.

3. My friend Julie is also very into photography so we took each other's graduation pictures on campus a couple of weeks ago. It was kind of fun being on the other side of the camera for a change. (I will share some pictures from that shoot soon.)
4. W's parents are in town and we're going whale watching with them tomorrow at Friday Harbor. Should be fun.
5. We had dinner with our neighbors tonight to celebrate their son's graduation and they went all out. We had crab and it was so good!
6. Katie cut and highlighted my hair and she did a really great job. If you need your hair done, she's the person to call. Thanks Katie!
7. Every room in our house is really clean right now. I love having my house so clean.

Okay, I think I should get to bed. Goodnight!


Andrea N said...

I'm so excited for your impending graduation! You've worked so hard for it! The boys went on Father & Son's Friday & I sent Emma to my sister's & took Nat to get a pedicure. So fun! It's good to see you're taking time for yourself at this crazy time of your life. When is your grad date?

Becky said...

Love the hair--you look great! :)

jack!e said...

Sumner is so adorable! Thanks for taking me there back during Christmas so we could experience its cuteness together. I love your hair and nails. =) Andddd I'm so excited for you to graduate!

Laurel Weed said...

I'm glad you had a relaxing day out. You deserve it!

Krystell said...

Yeah for your!! Girls day out is always a must....superly cute nails, toes, hair....absolutely GORGEOUS!!!