Friday, January 23, 2009

the giving garden and a few other things

In light of catching up, here are some pictures from The Giving Garden / MLK Service Day this past week that I attended with other members of the Student Social Work Organization on campus. This was a really cool thing to be a part of. We helped beautify a place that was not being used on campus, and then built raised garden beds that will grow fresh produce. We also helped out at the kids' station, where they planted tomatoes, chard, and peas, and made signs to label them. Once harvested, the produce from these gardens will be donated to Tacoma's Good Neighbor Café, a facility providing breakfast and dinner to homeless and low-income individuals. How resourceful is that? I love this concept.

While I am here, I want to tell you about a really great deal going on over at Clean Play DVDs. They are having a liquidation sale - 70% off and free shipping tomorrow. Just thought I would pass it on.

Today I burned my right pointer finger on the cigarette burner in our car. I was trying to put the part in that comes out (because we recently had an ipod charger plugged into it) and it popped back out, hit me in the finger, burned a hole in my mitten and burned my finger (luckily I had mittens on). My finger still smells burnt. It left this charred circle. Not fun.

Tonight W is working late and I'm busy editing pictures. I am three shoots behind. Trying to catch up. Thanks for your patience if you are one of these three.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Krystell said...

ya right you were just trying to light your ciggs! ;0) Hopefully you learned your lesson!
That is so awesome about your garden! I love that idea, and just want to say that you are truly amazing!! Best of wishes with everything, you deserve it!!

Natalie & Randy Brooks said...

I was just on your web site for your A&W Photography. I've seen a lot of the pics on your blog but I just had to say you guys are amazing with a camera! Some of those pics are just stunning. Anyway that's neat what you did with the Giving Garden. Hope you're doing great this New Year!

Krystell said...

BTW, Thx for the suggesting clean plays, I bought 4!?! movies that I have been dying to have, but I didn't want the smut!? Way worth it and thx again!!