Sunday, July 27, 2008

new love

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! I have been so busy with work and company in town (more about that later). For now, I want to share some pictures. I have a new love - shooting weddings. We photographed a wedding last weekend. I was nervous because a wedding is so much pressure...making sure you capture the moments that can't be duplicated. It ended up being one of the easier shoots we've done. They were just so happy and in love. We didn't have to tell them to move in closer or pretend that they liked each other. There were no fake smiles. They made it easy to capture some great candid shots. I really enjoyed the process. Here are some of my favorites (I will also add these to our photography blog, and will likely add more over there as I edit them). Click on them to make them bigger.

The top of the temple was being cleaned and was completely enclosed by scaffolding so we had to avoid shots with the whole temple in the background but it worked out okay.

(BTW, the colors don't show up quite as vibrant on my blog as they look in photoshop. Not sure why. But you get the idea.)


Louise said...

these pictures are great. You really got some good shots. What fun it must have been. You are a great photographer.

*C said...

Super fun!! I love them!! So much attention to details in them! You did a great job!!

And I love the bride's hair! So pretty!!

Congrats on photographing your first wedding!!

Mel said...

Those look gorgeous! My favorites are the first and second ones, and the one of them kissing in front of the fountain. So pretty, you did such a good job.

Marci Coombs said...

Beautiful pictures! You do such great work!!!

The Reese Family said...

Well done! Wish you had taken mine! :)

lilly and dilly said...

you guys are getting so good- like professional for sure. love the pics. sounds so fun to have a "job/hobby" together. love ya

MerriLynn said...

beautiful pictures.

Krystell said...

you have such a talent capturing the moments! Alot of pics can seem so stiff and forced, but you have really caught the feeling behind the pictures! Great job!!

Side note, so I went to see The Dark Knight again, and liked it so much! The first time I liked it, but like I said, I had a hard time! But the second, was so much fun to watch!!! Definately one I will have to buy!!