Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a little marriage tag

Mandy tagged me. There were a few more questions but they were ones I answered in a different tag recently (for those I tag, you can go to her blog and see the full list of questions if you want).

How long have you and your husband been together? Kind of a complicated question...we've known each other for for 11 years, dated a little in 1999...but we've really been together since 2002 so that would be six years, and married for four.
Who eats more? He does.
Who said I love you first? He did. I was trying my best not to fall in love with him, resisting the thought at every turn. I was pretty much scared to get married. After he said it, I was finally able to admit that I felt the same way.
Who pays the bills? I pay the ones we mail out and he pays a few online.
Who cooks dinner? I usually do but occasionally he cooks out on the grill for dinner, especially in the Summer.
Who is more stubborn? That would be me but sometimes he gives me a run for my money, so to speak.
Who kissed who first? He initiated it but I was hoping he would so it was pretty mutual.
Who is more sensitive? I am; I cry at movies and stuff like that, but we are both sensitive people.
Who wears the pants? We both do in different ways.

And now I tag Lindsey, Jamie, Melanie, Crystal, and Chanthoeun.

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*C said...

Fun tag!! I will have to post a reply tag asap!! :)