Friday, May 23, 2008

a trip down memory lane

Ashlee posted some pictures of her old prom and homecoming dresses on her blog a few days ago and challenged us to do the same. I thought it would be fun to share some of my dresses...instead, I think embarrassing is more appropriate.

Apparently I was really into velvet dresses with matching velvet shoes. Wow.

I can't believe my dress was so short.

I loved that burgundy dress above. And Ashlee, I too had a white prom dress.

This actually has a story behind it. While I was on the "day date" portion of the whole prom experience, my step mom (whom I was living with at the time) decided to be nice and iron my dress for me so it would be all ready when I got home. However, my dress was velvet (surprising, I know) and I guess she left the iron on a little too long and actually burned a whole right through the dress.

She didn't know what to do so she went to the mall and bought a bunch of dresses. When I came home from my date, they were all hanging in the kitchen. The only problem...the size on the tag of my ruined dress was actually not my real size - it was sized incorrectly. Since my step mom went off of that size, all of the dresses she bought were too big. I only had a couple of hours until my date would be back to pick me up for our dinner reservation, and I still had to shower and do my hair. I ended up going with my dad and step mom to the mall, frantically searching for a dress. I couldn't find anything modest except for this white one. While it wasn't my favorite dress ever, I didn't have much of a choice. So now you know the story of my white prom dress. (And to fill you in on the ending - my date came just as I got out of the shower so my hair was still wet...I had to pull it back and get ready super fast and we were still late to dinner. It was still a fun night though.)
Then there's this dress I wore to Homecoming. I really don't know what I was thinking, but I remember getting this at a fancy boutique in Minnesota and thought it was beautiful. It bothered me at the dance that it was so low, and it still does when I look at the pictures (apparently it didn't when I tried it on at the boutique?)

Then there was this one.

Did anyone else have a group this big? It's crazy how many people are in this picture. We all went to the day activity and dance together. You can't see my dress, but it was dark green velvet and long (velvet again - seriously?)

And here are a couple more from my Ricks College days.

Wow, that was a trip down memory lane. Now that I think about it, I really don't know what happened to my old formal dresses. Maybe they're still at my mom's house? I have no idea. It's probably for the best.
ETA: One more I forgot about. I actually borrowed this one from my roomate and I'd have to say it was my favorite of all of them.

And here is one from before the dance. Another roomate, April, is doing my hair.


Ashlee said...

I love it. Thanks for doing it! I should find all my pictures...the ones I put on there are ones that I already had on my computer from doing my 10 year slide show last fall. I'll have to do some searching at my moms so I can remember all those good times. I can't believe your Prom about stress! Your poor stepmom, I bet she felt so bad.

MerriLynn said...

Wow, you went to a lot of formals. The non formal dances were the ones we had huge groups. It was so much funner that way. I loved it. I'll have to go through boxes and see if I can find my photos. They might me down in Utah.

Krystell said...

How fun is that? Good idea! I love all of your dresses!?! They are awesome, however sad dress experience! I had to laugh to see the pic with TORY! Wow, I didn't realize that you two went to a formal. Too funny! AHHH, the memories...I will have to try the same thing, but who knows how long that will take! =0)

Michele said...

I don't have that many! yours were cute! i'll have to dig mine out...but they are VERY 80's! Scary!

Louise said...

that was fun looking at all your dance pictures. It sure does bring back a lot of memories. I think your dresses are in a box but I think you may have taken them who knows.. you know me I never throw anything away

Leslie said...

Wow! I probably shouldn't be so impressed that you have all those pictures, but I am! I have no idea where to even start looking for mine. Thanks for your comment on my Blog. You're so sweet and I hope we come to visit super soon. I guess your mom is coming tonight to see Levi for his birthday. I'm excited!

Stephanie said...

You don't even look like the same person! Maybe it's the glasses, but I think it's amazing how much we can change over the years! I love the pictures and the story. WOW, talk about stress is right!

TamBaum said...

Those were great! I know I didn't go to that many dances. I think it must be an Arizona thing to have "Day dates" because my cousin did that too who lives in Mesa. And I had a velvet dress or two as well!

Molly said...

fun idea. then i could show off my christoper reeves look-alike date in his powder blue tux. good guys don't always make good choices.

lilly and dilly said...

oh man i can't believe it! You look sooo different! I remember every single one of those pictures too. man oh man thats awesome!

Jessica said...

Ashley, this just reminds me that we are the same age. I too was an extreme fan of the velvet dresses (often with matching velvety shoes as well). I think velvet was just "the thing" back then. I must say, I certainly prefer it to the style of dresses most girls are wearing these days!

You looked so pretty in all of those pictures, by the way!