Thursday, May 29, 2008

recipe cards

I don't really have anything too meaningful to share, but I am sick of that picture of my sixteen-year old self being at the top of my blog. To replace it, I will share some cute, free printable recipe cards. They were designed by Julianna Smith, a Portland-based illustrator.

I have some pictures to share from a fun event I took part in yesterday but I haven't had the chance to edit them as it is the end of the quarter and writing papers is currently my life. However, only one paper left. Yay!

Be back soon.


Marci Coombs said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing. And loved that pic down memory lane of you and Jay. That was too funny!

MerriLynn said...

OH, it was a cute picture at the top of your post.

Michele said...

Hang in there! Only one more paper! Yay!