Friday, May 2, 2008

happy friday!

Um, this is a self-portrait I took in the mirror really quickly this morning for my 365 challenge. I am on day 118 out of 365. Still a long ways to go but it's kind of fun (sometimes).

I just wanted to share some things that are making me happy lately.

1. Joshua Radin's music, especially this song. (I couldn't find it on youtube other than live, which didn't have good volume, or set to a movie scene. If you're a LOST fan and aren't caught up, you might just want to listen and not watch.)

2. I got a package from my in mail yesterday with this and this. He came to visit once and was not satisfied with the knifes we have (they are pretty bad, I must say. We got them for our wedding. They were probably originally $9.99 and on sale for $7.99. That's the kind of knives we're talking about here). My dad is quite the chef and knows all about good kitchen supplies. I was thrilled and used one of them to cut some vegetables for dinner last night. There was such an amazing difference. I love these knives!

3. I found out this morning that Neil Diamond is coming in concert in September! I know I am a dork, but I grew up on his music and absolutely love it. I have always wanted to go to one of his concerts. W told me he would take me for my birthday. Yay!

4. We booked a week in Mexico in September! I'm really excited.

5. This blog. I always feel inspired when I visit it. Danielle is an amazing photographer, decorator, crafter, she has such incredible taste...her blog is eye candy to me.

6. This mascara.

7. Today is the end of the 90-day goal group we've been a part of. I'm excited about the goals I've accomplished. We're having a little get together tonight to celebrate our success.

And one thing that did not make me happy this week...standing in line for TWO HOURS to get two tiny scoops of Baskin Robbins ice-cream for .31 a scoop. Seriously, people (including me) do crazy things for a good deal. It really wasn't worth it at all and I'm vowing never to do it again. But it is cool that they do it for a good cause. Did anyone else out there go?

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I hope everyone has a good one.


*C said...

Congrats on the great job with all of your goals!! Yay for you!!

Um... That blog is some serious EYE CANDY!!! So great! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Hooray for your vaca to Mexico this September! How fun!!

Oh and I went to Baskin-Robbins last year for their $.31 scoop thing, but I didn't wait 2 hours {seriously I would have left after 20 mins. Maybe less}. I got served with in 10 mins and even indulged in 3 of my own cones {for that price you can't blame me}. I know I'm such a glutton.

lilly and dilly said...

i am obsessed with your blog and how creative you are. love it!

danielle said...

beautiful texture and tones on your self portrait! :-) and thanks for mentioning me.. you are sweet. :) Off to look at your blog!