Thursday, February 21, 2008


This makes me think of that Smashing Pumpkins song. "Today is the greatest day I've ever known..." Okay, so today might not be the absolute greatest day I've ever known as I am writing a paper for my Social Policy class, but it could be worse.

I haven't updated in a while because I really have nothing exciting to share. School has pretty much taken over my life, and I suspect it will continue to do so until March 14th. I just finished my midterm last night and it made me realize how little time there is left of the quarter and how much I have to do it that time. Yesterday I sat at a table on campus and advocated for foster youth's rights for my Social Policy class (and because it's something I feel strongly about). I did this with some members of my group but for about two hours I was all alone. It brought me back to my missionary days, trying to get people's attention to tell them about something that is important to me. We got a huge stack of letters signed to show support though (I haven't counted yet but I'm guessing somewhere between 200-300). It was a good feeling to speak up for these kids who can't do it themselves and to try to make a difference.

Tuesday I had the opportunity to tour a Muslim Mosque for my Human Behavior in the Social Environment class. It was very interesting. I was also able to interview a couple of people of their faith and found them to be beautiful people. I really admire their faithfulness.

I am procrastinating...must write my paper...

P.S. While I was typing this entry I heard about the shooting at Northern Illinois University that happened last week and I am just sick about it. It breaks my heart.


inara said...

cool, glad you're advocating for foster youth, as I am a foster mom, I feel strongly about that too!

Elizabeth said...

You are wrong, my dear. You had quite a bit of interesting stuff to share. I admire your dedication to school and to advocacy...much to be proud of.
Loving the stamp, too :)

Kim said...

What a great thing you did :)

delder21 said...

I love those photos from the pier...(And I love Salty's too...have you had their brunch?)
I remember school taking up my life...sometimes I miss it...then I kick myself. ha ha.