Sunday, November 18, 2007


Any digital scrapbookers out there? I'm not much of one myself, but I would like to learn to integrate it a little more into the way I scrapbook. If you are interested in digital scrapbooking, check this out. Jessica Sprague is the queen of it and she is giving out some freebies on her blog. I love the look of the thankful book and I'm thinking it would be fun to have each of my family members take a page to write what they're grateful for and then use pictures from Thanksgiving this year throughout the book (my family is coming here for Thanksgiving - my first time preparing a Thanksgiving meal!) So that is my plan. If it actually happens, I'll share it here.

**Edited to add another link to even more freebies and also these instructions related to the first link I gave you**


Kim said...

very fun!

jjstringham said...

Hey, just found your blog through Facebook. If you want to try digital scrapbooking you should talk to Tami, she's got some great pages she's done digitally.

*C said...

Thanks for the links! Love freebies!!
... I hope your Thanksgiving went well!!!