Thursday, September 6, 2007

tuesday night happiness

We used to go to the dollar theater from time to time when we lived in Arizona and we loved it. We were sad to leave it and had yet to find a replacement here - that is until a couple of weeks ago. Dub came across it on his way home from work one day and called to tell me the happy news. Even better, Tuesdays nights are $1 nights (as opposed to all other nights which are $2). How awesome is that? That is cheaper than renting a movie! So Tuesday night we saw Shrek the Third. So funny (especially for $1). We liked it so much, we might go back next Tuesday night and see it again. We have decided to make the dollar theater a regular part of our lives again. It's good to have it back.

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Crystal Lynn said...

WHAAAAAT? Where is this so called dollar theatre? And how come I did not know about it? We MUST go some time... That is awesome.