Tuesday, September 4, 2007

*Labor Day Weekend*

We went camping at Westport, right by the coast. We went with Crystal and Tyler, Shannon and Jeremiah, and some other people that they are friends with. It was really nice to get away (especially from my computer, which I spend way too much time editing pictures on these days...like all day today for example...) and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Dub and I hadn't been to the Washington Coast so we were pretty excited about that. We also enjoyed playing Dominoes and I did a bunch of reading. Here are some pictures.

The Squeak in our cooler. He jumped in while I was packing up and didn't want to get out. So funny.

Some pictures of us on the beach.

Dub enjoying his ipod and some Sudoku.

Max (Crystal and Tyler's dog) enjoyed digging at the beach. We love Max.

Shannon and Jeremiah, Crystal, Max, and Tyler, and Dub and Me in front of the lighthouse.

Crystal and Me

Edited to add this cute one of Crystal and Tyler.

Long weekends are the best!


Crystal Lynn said...

Um cute photos! Except I have crazy eyes in the one of you and me... Oh well. It was a fun weekend.. If I do say so myself those pics I took of you guys werent that bad.. Nice. We need to hang out again soon!

ali m said...

Great photos! looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

ab, it was seeing the pictues from labor day weekend. looks like you had a blast. The picture of crystal and tyler that you edited is darling.

*C said...

I agree, long weekends are the BEST!! Your pictures are adorable. Looks like you had a ton of fun!!