Monday, August 6, 2007

salad recipes request

This is what I had for lunch today.

Very simple, consisting of spinach, red onion, yellow pepper, Gorgonzola cheese, ground pepper, and then I added some peas as an afterthought after I took the picture (frozen peas which I put in the microwave for about 20 seconds so they weren't frozen but still cold). Yum. This got me thinking of how much I love salad. I'm sure many of you who read my blog also have delicious salad recipes. Please share! You can add them in the comments section (click on the comments link below this post). You don't actually have to have a blog in order to comment - you can use anonymous or other and just sign your name at the bottom. I would love you for it! I'm excited to add to my salad recipes.

I will start by sharing my *favorite* salad recipe ever. It is similar to the one I made today but has a lot more goodness to it. Here it is:

For this salad I used
*Organic greens (because they were on sale) and Spinach
*Avocado (I like to squeeze some lemon juice on the cut up avocado so it doesn't turn brown).
*Red Onion
*Gorgonzola Cheese (crumbled) (I found this in both the deli area and cheese isle at my grocery store)
*Fresh ground pepper

I also sometimes add almond slivers and I think peas would be good in this one too. I just made this up so I don't have exact amounts - but just use however much you need for how many you are feeding. (I took this to a dinner for six people so I made a lot.) Then, and this is very important for the salad to have the full effect, I use this dressing:

So now share some of your recipes with me. I'm excited to try them.

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shannon said...

Hi Ashley!
I have officially invaded your blog! Ha ha, you and I share a common interest--Salads!! I absolutely love a good salad and could eat one for lunch everyday. So, I have one of my fav. recipes for you to try out--it's pretty simple and very good.
Mandarin Salad
-1/2 Cup sliced almonds
-2T. Sugar
-1/4 head iceberg lettuce
-1/4 bunch romaine lettuce
-2 med. celery stalks, sliced
-2 green onions, sliced
-1/4 C veggie oil
-2T sugar
-2T vinagar
-1T snipped parsley (
-1/2 tsp. salt
-1 (11oz) can mandarin oranges

Cook almonds and sugar over low heat, stirring constantly until sugar is melted and almonds covered. Cool and break apart. Break up lettuce and add celery and onions. toss with dressing and then add orange segments and almonds and toss again until coated. If you want to make this one a meal, add some grilled chicken. Enjoy!