Monday, July 30, 2007


I had my camera going pretty much non-stop this past week. I had the day off today and spent the entire day editing pictures (I took hundreds of pictures. What you see here is a very small sampling). Here are some of my favorites (most of these are of my sister, Lindsey, and her boyfriend, Dylan).

(Wendel took this one in front of the Space Needle.)

A lot of work, but it was really fun to take them and even do the editing. Now I am off to the gym (all of the company we had = eating out a lot). I'll be back soon to share a yummy recipe.


Crystal Lynn said...

You're so good! Are they getting married? They look like they are in love! :) Hahaha See you tomorrow

*C said...


Those are great! You're just too talented at everything you do, so it comes at no surprise!!
...Oh and Lindsey and Dylan are such a cute couple too!

Louise Doria said...

Ab, it was so fun seeing these pictures on your blog. you are very taltented with the camera. Thanks for the memories and the great time last week.