Friday, March 9, 2007

the squeak

Let me introduce you to our cat, Squeak. He's not your ordinary lazy cat. He's amazingly funny. He marches to the beat of his own drum. He makes us laugh all the time (how can he be so funny without changing his expression?). Here is a perfect example. Yesterday I was in the kitchen making some food and I heard him meowing by the guest bathroom, letting me know that he was thirsty. Why can't he drink from a bowl, you ask? He is very particular about his water. He will only drink it from running from a faucet. He would rather go without than drink from a bowl. If he gets really desperate, he'll take a tolit over a bowl. Crazy cat. When we got him, his previous owner told me this, and I thought "Okay, that's what he used to do. He'll start drinking from a bowl at our house." No chance. So he jumps up on the bathroom counter (or just the sink, in this case) and if no one is there to turn on the water, he waits. Sometimes he meows to let you know that he's there. So anyway, yesterday I heard him meow and after about five minutes I was able to go turn on the water for him. When I got to the bathroom, this is what I saw:

Apparently, he got tired of standing on the edge of the sink while waiting for me, so he settled into the sink for a more comfortable wait. So funny. I had to take a picture.

Wendel has joked about putting in one of those automatic sinks that turns on when you put your hands under it. That way, when Squeak is thirsty, he can get water himself, and when he's done, it will turn off itself (so many times we'll turn the water on for him and get sick of waiting, leave the room, forget about the water and find it still running later).

Another cool thing this cat did - when we were living in Arizona, we had a fireplace that had a shoot in the back for scooping out ashes - kind of a little trap door type thing. Squeak discovered it and would use it to go to the bathroom outside. He taught our other car (Kitty) how to use it and we were able to get rid of the litter box completely. That was so nice.

And one more thing to prove my point. We would take our dogs on walks back in Arizona and Squeak would come! He would walk the whole way with us, all the way around the neighborhood. He would keep his distance a few paces, but he loved the adventure. When we got back to the house, he would run ahead and jump up on the car or truck or fence and lay there, as if he had been waiting for us the whole time. So funny. This cat makes me laugh.

Despite what you may think after reading this post, I am not obsessed with our cats. I just had to point out how cool Squeak is. Kitty is also wonderful in his own way (but don't ask Wendel - he's not such a huge fan of Kitty, being how Kitty doesn't like anyone who is male). I do love "our boys."

I don't have school today so I'm working my way through my do-to list. It is quite long, so I'd better get back to it. I'm hoping to squeeze in some scrabpooking time at one point...

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Lindsey said...

ah this is so cute! i miss all four of you soo much! :)