Sunday, February 25, 2007

last weekend

So I'm finally posting about last weekend. It was so fun having my mom and sister visit. It was really unfortunate that I was sick though. I was in bed most of the day on Sunday, and I was really struggling on Saturday. It took a lot of energy to go out to eat with everyone on Saturday night, but I was really looking forward to it, so I went anyway. We went to Anthony's again, but this time to the diner part (the diner is downstairs and is a little more casual than the Pier 66 restaurant upstairs). Wendel ordered some mussels, clams, and calamari rings as appetizers, since we haven't ever ordered them. I was not a huge seafood person before moving here, and these were a little much for me. However, I did try them, just so I could be sure that I didn't like them. And, just as I thought, I wasn't a fan. The clams and the calamari weren't horrible (I've had calamari in Australia and didn't like it there either), but the mussels were so gross. Not my thing at all (as you can see by the picture).

The first picture is my cute sister, Lindsey. The second picture is my mom, Tyson (my brother), and Lindsey. I wish they could've stayed longer. It was so fun to spend time with them and we really appreciated their help with unpacking and getting organized. Thanks mom and Linds!

So I painted my scrapbook room yesterday. I know we haven't been in the house very long, but I'm so anxious to have the painting done so I can unpack and get creating! I'm loving the paint so far. I will post pictures when my room is done.

Also, I won a gift certificate to a scrapbook store (Down Memory Lane) from Melodee! I am so excited! I think she's amazing!

Until next time!

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J. said...

yea! those mussels are yuck! i am a seafood lover with the exception of those and i'm not really a clam girl either. i just can't get the memories of some tongans in manly eating those mussels by sucking them off the shell, all slimy and chewy. i think your s'pose to swallow them whole as if eating a raw egg but...ewww just thinking about it. i hope your feeling better this week. jaimie