Thursday, February 22, 2007


I'm inspired by ali to list some things I'm grateful for on my blog. I actually used to keep a Gratitude Journal - whenever I was feeling grateful for something, I would jot it down in my journal, and when I was feeling down, I would read about how blessed I am. (I should find that journal and start doing that again). I guess this is a similar concept. I'm still feeling a bit down about my day yesterday, and I think this will help.

Today I'm grateful for:

1. Wendel. He's the greatest.
2. My family. Love them.
3. The opportunity I have to be in school. And opportunities in my life in general.
4. Our new house.
5. Our new adventure in Washington.
6. Our cats. I love "our boys."
7. My testimony.
8. Good people.
9. The new furniture I got for my scrapbook room. Love it.
10. Inspiration.
11. Good friends.
12. My health.
13. Laughter.
14. LOST is on . It is so nice being able to watch it when we are able to. Love that about abc.
15. I haven't had any foot cramps lately. This may sound weird, but for a while I was getting them all the time - numerous times a day. They're horrible and I'm happy they're gone.
16. Good music.
17. Good food.
18. Our laptop.
19. My hobby. I love, love, love scrapbooking!!!
20. Sunshine today.

I'll write about our weekend (with some pictures) soon. Have a great day!

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Melodee said...

Hi Ashley! You are the winner of my Drive thru Thrusday..can you email me, I need your email addy so send the GC to you. :)

Melodee Langworthy