Sunday, October 21, 2012

checking in

30.5 weeks (I will be 8 months along this Thursday)
I love this one Wendel captured of me and my cute boy. He's getting so big!

A few things:

01. At 30.5 weeks, I am definitely feeling uncomfortable.  I feel like the baby will be early but maybe that is just wishful thinking / because Oliver was early. 

02. Over at The Weed, Josh asked everyone to check in with how they're doing in these areas and then to make a commitment for this week:

Physically: I have two months left to go of this pregnancy. I feel very uncomfortable, heavy, exhausted, and huge. My back is sore most of the time and I get charly horses in my legs. But I am also excited to be pregnant and looking forward to meeting our little guy.

Emotionally: Drained. My job is draining. It sucks pretty much everything out of me. Also, Oliver is going through a difficult phase and is being very defiant, is having trouble sleeping, and is grumpy a lot. So that takes an emotional toll too.

Spiritually: Could be much better but could be much worse too. I feel the need to focus more on this area. A lot more.

Commitment for this week: Read from the scriptures on my lunch break (first force myself to take a lunch break, which I usually don't) three times this week. Make this a priority.

03. I go on maternity leave on December 11th.  I'm not sure I will make it that long, both emotionally and physically.  I don't know that the baby will come by then but I am already so physically exhausted and uncomfortable, I am not sure I can keep up with the demands of this job. 

04.  I am glad I am starting FMLA on December 11th.  I need the two weeks before the baby's due date to prepare: ie, finish the nursery, wash the clothes and put them away, clean the house thoroughly, spend some 1:1 time with Oliver, as well as prepare mentally and emotionally for having another baby, going through labor, having two kids, etc.  I am a little nervous.

05. Last night we went to Stagecoach Days (like a little carnival here in town) with some friends.  It was fun and made me appreciate living in a small community.  I also love that as we are nearing the end of October, it is still t-shirt and shorts weather.  There was a warm breeze last night that was just perfect - not too hot, not cold at all.  I regret eating fried food though.  My body is not loving that choice.

Life is good but incredibly busy (hence my lack of posting here).  Just making it one day at a time right now with everything on my plate. Got to get to sleep so I'm signing off now.  


Kim said...

you look great! I remember the weeks before Maguire came I was just feeling done. Tired. done. hehe!! Good luck...not much longer :)

Tyson Roberts said...

I love those pictures of you and Oliver. That sucks that the pregnancy is so hard, but hopefully it will go by quick. I can't wait to meet the new little guy.

Kristi said...

Ashley, you are amazing and you look great as always. I am so happy for you to welcome your new little bundle into the world. ps. love the rug, where did you get it??

Ashley said...

Kristi, Thanks! The rug is from Joss & Main. They have weekly deals. The rug has been on there a couple of times so it will probably come back again at some point. I will send you an invite to the site.