Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas 2011

I am finally posting about Christmas! Be prepared for lots of pictures and boring dialogue to accompany them. This year Christmas was a bit different for us because we didn't celebrate Christmas on the 25th. Instead, we waited and celebrated with my family on the evening of the 27th (with my dad) and 28th (with my mom). It was Oliver's first Christmas that he got into and we enjoyed watching him excitedly tear the paper off of his presents. He got so many fun things.

But, going back to the beginning of the month, we picked out our Christmas tree.
Oliver thought it was pretty exciting.
Setting up the tree.
Wendel pulled out an electric train set (from Tyson last year) and Oliver went crazy over it.
We kept decorations super simple this  year. We couldn't even find one of our Christmas boxes (which happened to be the one with our star - so our tree didn't have a star on top). I love simple though, so it was perfect. 
One of my favorite things about Christmas is sending and receiving Christmas cards. We still have ours up.
On December 3rd our HOA held a little Holiday Gathering at the clubhouse. We took Oliver and he got to sit on Santa's lap. Last year, he was all about Santa. This year, not so much. He cried when I set him on Santa's lap but was okay next to Santa, as long as he could be on Daddy's lap.
Then we held our annual holiday gala. To be honest, it was pretty lame this year. We had just moved into our new home (in a a new state), we got the invitations out late, and we usually hold it the first weekend of the month but due to our move, we had to hold it the weekend before Christmas, which was a horrible time for everyone's schedules. So attendance was low (as in three couples other than us). In years past, we have had 85-90 people. So it was small but it was fun to see friends we hadn't seen in a while.
Of course we played White Elephant Bingo,
led by Wendel.
Denise got what was probably the best gift - an emergency car kit.
Fake tattoo. Possibly the worst gift.
We spent one Sunday evening on the Mesa Temple grounds, enjoying the lights. Oliver loved it.
We spent Christmas Eve at my dad and Dot's house. (As a side note, my dad is quite the chef. It is a passion for him. We are lucky feast upon his culinary creations every other Sunday.)
The picture on the right shows some food out on the back porch. Because in Arizona, you can do that in December.
Oliver with my dad.
Dot (my dad's girlfriend) made these cute name tags for everyone's stockings. She and her daughter make candles every year out of recycled candle wax and let their Christmas guests choose a candle. I love that.
My dad and Dot gave Oliver some mega blocks and bath toys. He loves them.
Oliver giving a "nose nose" (aka Eskimo kiss) to Ises.
Me with my siblings and dad.
And here are the photos from celebrating Christmas with my mom and siblings. 
Cute personalized book from G&G Schultz
The biggest hit: Two train sets from G&G Schultz. Now "choo choos" are his new favorite thing.
Cute hat from cousin Connor.
Giving the monkey hat a "nose nose."
Oliver walked over and nestled himself between Levi and Amalie. It was really cute.
Super cute pjs from Grandma Herzog.
Markers from Aunt Lindsey and a fun wooden puzzle from G & G Herzog.

G & G Schultz gave Oliver this little table for Christmas. It was nice to put the high chair away and let Oliver have a bit more freedom when he eats. He loves his little table. It's just right for him.
The aftermath (showing off our tree, which is missing the star and half of our ornaments)
 And a few more: 
I love this picture of Uncle Ty and Oliver. Tyson gave Oliver these sunglasses for Christmas because Oliver's eyes are sensitive to the sun here. So cute.
Oliver with Aunt Lindsey, looking cool with his shades.
Oliver and Uncle Ty hanging out by our fire pit.
Sporting Dad's snowboarding boots and Aunt Lindsey's hat. What a cutie.
Also, Wendel got me a GPS system for my car. I am loving it - it's so useful for my new job. Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas season.


lkdoria said...

L love the pictures. Would love copies of them. miss you guys.

Feather Fringe said...

love them all!! awesome blog post ab. miss ya

Tyson Roberts said...

Great post Ab, I love all the pictures. I'm glad we all got to make it down to AZ this year to see your new place. It was a great Christmas.

Does Oliver ever play with those tools?

Tyson Roberts said...

Also, for a minute I totally thought you had a friend with a bunch of tattoos.

Andrea N said...

Wow, Oliver is so big & adorable! Glad he enjoyed his Christmas. We have the exact same dining chairs, probably table too. So fun that Oliver has his own little table. Can't wait to see you again!

Denise said...

Ashley, that picture of Jon is amazing!! I really did score the best gift, I thank whoever donated that to the pile. Sorry Levi for taking it back. Thanks for the fun, and your pictures are gorgeous as always.

Krystell said...


Your little man looks so cute!! I love that smile. I feel like I have fallen off the blog world too and needed to catch up, so it was fun to look at what you have been up to. Hopefully things will continue to be good, I agree, choas is an unnecessary constant in life!! Really though, what would we do without it? but here's to the idea of a calm life, I want it too. I bet you love being closer to your families. Oliver is going to have all the attention he deserves. Miss ya!