Saturday, December 31, 2011

december in arizona

We hit the ground running when we arrived in Arizona. We barely had enough time to unpack the essentials before we both started work. I just completed week three of my seven week training for my new job with CPS. The training is long and emotionally draining (more on that later) but on the plus side, Wendel works about a mile down the street from where my training is held in downtown Phoenix, so we get to have lunch together almost daily. Having my training in Phoenix has also given me the opportunity to capture some of downtown Phoenix with my camera. Here is a brief look at what December looks like here in Arizona.
Arizona is very different than Washington but it has its own kind of beauty. I remember when I moved to Arizona from Virginia when I was ten, it took quite a while for it to grow on me. All I could think of was the rolling green hills I left behind. I am trying to look for the beauty here and capture it when I can to help along that process of feeling at home here again. The high was 76 degrees today and the expected high for tomorrow is 79 degrees. Oliver and I were both wearing long sleeved shirts when I took him to the park today. It ended up being a short visit as we were both so hot and needed to go home to change into short sleeved shirts. It is beautiful weather but this summer is going to be rough.

It is twenty minutes away from a new year. So much happened this past year; both good and not-so-good. I am ready to move on to 2012 and look forward to the new experiences it will bring. Happy New Year!

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