Monday, August 1, 2011


Lately, life has been a whirlwind of craziness.
Lately, I am exhausted a lot. I go to bed by 11:00 (not the norm for me, though it should be).
Lately, I work full time. I see a lot of sadness at my practicum. It makes me grateful for my life and the people in it. 
Lately, I am reminded of my love for Metropolitan Market. It makes my heart happy that there is one kind of close to my practicum site. It is my favorite. Their salads make my heart race.
Lately, I wonder what the future holds.
Lately, I have seen the goodness of several people. Friends who have helped us out so much, for whom we are so grateful. I am humbled by the Christ-like acts of service rendered to our family.
Lately, I haven't felt the desire or had the time to blog.
Lately, I am a little emotional but also at peace.
Lately, I am grateful to be done with the school work portion of my MSW. I took Oliver to the library the other night and as we walked to our van, we passed by the study room. I looked in and saw people sitting at tables with open books and notebooks in front of them and I literally shuddered. I am so done with that phase of life.
Lately, I feel like we will look back on these days and wonder how we did it. We will know that we could not have made it through school, work, my practicum, and everything else life throws at us without our Heavenly Father's guidance and the friends and family who have helped us with Oliver. (Thank you!)
Lately, our sweet boy does amazing things that make us smile and tell each other how amazing he is. 
Oliver June 2011 (15 months old)
Lately, my heart is full of gratitude and I knew I had to record it so I can remember how blessed I am.


jack!e said...

You are one lucky momma! You have such a wonderful little son... he is just so sweet and happy all the time! Makes everything else in life worth it. =] I think your little family is pretty great.

Katie Tyler said...

Ashley- I always LOVE your posts. Your writing style is so soothing to me :) thank you. (I always want to copy your posts with my own spin and then I realize it would never be the same, and then I forget to do it, and then I read another post and want to try it all over again!)
really, loved this one.