Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hawaii - take one

In 2011, we went to Hawaii.  I never blogged about it (shocking, I know) - but now we are going back to Hawaii (in two days).  I can't go back to Hawaii without first blogging about our first Hawaii trip.

 We stayed at The Edition (now called The Modern Honolulu). It was so nice.

 We like to spend a lot of our vacation in our room (we really value sleep and alone time), so having an awesome hotel room was pretty important to us. Our room was beautiful and so relaxing.

We spent a lot of time hanging out by the pools at our hotel, sipping cilantro lemonades.
Yes, we take our laptops / Ipad on vacation. It's how we roll.
We spent one day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We decided it wasn't as cool as we thought it would be but we still had a good time.
At the Polynesian Cultural Center

Sporting our fake tattoos.

We then went next door to the Laie Temple, which is beautiful.
 Other than that, we spent the rest of our time walking around Waikiki, on the beach, and eating out. It was pretty perfect (other than Wendel's laptop getting stolen - that was such a bummer). A vacation isn't complete without yummy food (we loved the dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts.)
One of our favorite parts of our trip was seeing sea turtles while snorkeling. So cool! This photo was taken with the camera on our snorkeling mask.

There is so much more of our first Hawaii trip not documented here but for now at least this is something.  Makes me smile.

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