Thursday, March 10, 2011


Praying for: Friends who are going through a difficult time
Wearing: Jeans and a black shirt with 3/4 sleeves and a fun necklace 
Working on: Getting to bed by 11:00 (so difficult and so far, unsuccessful considering that I don't usually start working out until at least that time)
Eating: Lots of veggie wraps lately, consisting of a high fiber whole wheat wrap, hummus, avocado, spinach, arugula, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper, a little bit of Tillamook medium cheddar cheese, some green onion, a little bit of whole grain mustard and some salt and pepper. I have this for lunch and dinner on a lot of days.
Dreaming of: three things: 1. My graduation 2. Going to Hawaii this Summer 3. Our much-needed bedroom makeover
Realizing: I have been somewhat prideful lately and I really want to change. I plan to write more about this in my next post, which will be about guarantees as to how soon I will post it, but it's on my mind.
Impatiently waiting: For a new episode of Parenthood. It was a re-run this week. Bummer.
Anticipating: Losing 1/2 a pound more so I can hit my goal weight and go into maintenance (with Weight Watchers)
Loving: Oliver's cute little chatter.
Stalking: My school email account to see if I am the recipient of a scholarship I applied for
Feeling: Happy that the quarter is over but also grateful for the opportunity to be in school, and sad to say goodbye to a friend tonight (whom I will likely not see again, at least not for a while)

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Katie Tyler said...

loved this!
i may need to steal this idea of evaluating EVERYTHING!

P.S. I was just at the Temple yesterday and noticing the prideful thing in myself too... sometimes it really takes over me!