Tuesday, October 13, 2009

made me laugh...

Wow, two posts in one night. I just have to share this picture from Karen's blog (the amazing person I took a photography class from last year. I love her blog). This picture made me laugh out loud, which I needed.

By the way, I enjoy reading all of your blogs. I have a routine where I come home from work and take a little break while eating dinner. During that break I check my email and read blogs before moving onto photo editing. Thanks to everyone for the entertainment! Keep blogging away - know that I appreciate it!

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Michaelynn said...

Well, if you have spare time tonight you'll get an eyeful of the Richardson's on our blog. I finally uploaded all our pictures from our digital camera and have been posting all sorts of things for the last few months that got skipped over. Not very exciting reading really. Just the strange ramblings of a family of 5.