Sunday, October 18, 2009

catching up: krystell's visit

I have been meaning to post about this since June but somehow it never happened (along with many other posts). It is a Sunday evening and W is taking a nap, the house is quiet, and it's the perfect time for a catch-up post like this one.

Back in June, my friend Krystell came to visit from Utah. Krystell was my roommate at Rick's College (back when it was Rick's college) in 2000. The last time I saw her before this visit was at my mission farewell in September of 2001 - eight years ago! We have kept in touch through letters while she was on her mission, email, facebook and each others blogs through all of that time. She had been wanting to come and see the Pacific Northwest for quite some time, so she finally did it. It was really fun having her here. It was perfect timing, too - I had just graduated but hadn't started working yet and was only volunteering a couple of days a week, so I had a free schedule (man, that was nice!).

After I picked her up from the airport, we went to Dash Point Beach and had a picnic (well, it was mostly just pita bread and hummus but it was good).
(Back when I didn't have a big belly)

Krystell really wanted to see a lighthouse so we ventured up the road a bit to where we saw one in the distance. It was kind of a pathetic lighthouse, though.
(Krystell didn't want to be in many pictures so there are lots of me)

The next day we hung out in downtown Seattle. We hit Pike's Place, had lunch at Beecher's Handmade Cheese (yum) and then went to the library for a tour and then she met up with another friend of hers for the rest of the day.
(Cheese is being made behind us)

I have been to Pike's place several times (everyone wants to check it out when they come to visit and I don't blame them) but I enjoy it every time.

That night we went to a Mariner's game.

The next day we took a ferry out to Bainbridge Island, where we looked at fun shops, had lunch at a cute little place called The Harbour House, and then had ice-cream at Mora's (thanks to my friends, Dean and Becky, who sent me a gift card there as a graduation gift. Their ice-cream is divine).

Our view while we had lunch.

Our view on the ferry on the way back to Seattle.

Overall, Krystell's visit was really fun. I'm so glad she came!


MerriLynn said...

I miss sight seeing up there. I loved it! It is so beautiful!

I want to be invited to your pregnance blog! So I can see your belly getting big. I bet you are adorable pregnant!!!

Jessica said...

yes! seattle is super beautiful and it's awesome that you can keep in touch with people like that :) i was also wondering if i could snatch an invite to your pregnancy blog as well. i can't wait for you!

My Wonderful Life said...

It was fun to see all the pictures of the different sites in Washington. It brings back so many memories.