Thursday, July 23, 2009

cuteness in blogland

I have seen some pretty cute things lately as I have been perusing blogs. Here are a few favorites:

This adorable embroidery stitching. I love it!

This little vintage dress is just about the cutest piece of clothing I've ever seen. Is it wrong to want to buy one even though I don't have a little girl?

These paper clocks.

This scrapbook page. (It almost makes me excited to start scrapbooking again, even though it isn't really my style. It is just really cute though.)

So much cuteness!


Katelin said...

i love that stiched paper..adorable! I'm so gonna make one of my own! :)

lilly and dilly said...

man I LOVE reading your blog.

Becky said...

I agree! You have excellent taste, but that paper is the cutest of all.