Saturday, May 30, 2009

crazy day

There was a bomb threat in our neighborhood today. We had just finished a photo shoot when my friend Crystal called and asked if we were okay. She told me there was a swat team and 20 police cars across the street from our neighborhood. We tried to go home but the streets were blocked off. We were told there was a bomb threat and it would be hours before we could return home. Kind of scary. You start thinking about your pets and the things you couldn't live without if your house blew up (my 64 journals, my hard drive with photo sessions and specifically a clients' wedding pictures on it...).

We ended up going to see Star Trek and going out to eat at Fondi's (the best pizza ever). We tried to enjoy ourselves even though there was a chance our house could be blown apart while we were eating our pizza.

We were finally able to return home around 7:30 pm. Turns out, the guy only threatened a bomb but didn't really have one in his house. He aimed a riffle at the helicopter team that was circling above and he was shot and killed (did he think this would end well?) The crazy thing is, this was a house behind the house that is across the street from us.

I'm feeling grateful to be safe.

*Read more about it here.


MerriLynn said...

I heard about that. Mishae got on the news of Covington somehow, but I didn't realize it was so close to you. Glad everything is ok.

Becky said...

Wow, that's awful! And probably one of the most stressful movie-watching experiences of your life, no?

We received your graduation announcement (thank you) and Dean's response was a very sincere "wow, she's already graduating? That's great!" We're proud of you!

jack!e said...

That is so crazy! I'm glad you guys are ok though. =) Did you know the man?

Wendy D said...

that is so crazy. i saw all the cops and firetrucks in the Foss parking lot but had no clue it was for something serious. wow.

Mel said...

How insane! So sad and scary. Glad you guys weren't in harm's way.