Friday, March 27, 2009


I posted this on the give away post but thought I should make an official announcement that Aleisa is the winner of the You're Invited Idea Book. And since I asked you all what you're looking forward to this Spring, I will list mine as well. I am really looking forward to making my favorite yummy salad with strawberries in it (which might be more toward the later potion of Spring / the first part of Summer), wearing short-sleeved shirts without a thermal under them or a hoodie over them, not having to take my coat with me everywhere I go, lots of fresh fruit (especially berries) and hopefully a bit better weather for photo shoots. Thanks for playing along!

[A few of my favorite Spring images from Flickr. Credits: 1. Another TTV, 2. Faded glory, 3. Happy Monday!, 4. promise ~ glowing vow, 5. blues and greens, 6. The color purple!, 7. Be the student, 8. freshly-picked blackberries., 9. cherries, 10. splendour in the grass, 11. Red Red Red, 12. .pretty in pink, 13. oh look, more naturey crap, 14. spring art, 15. Nothing Compares, 16. .blue, 17. Shadow Dance, 18. Untitled, 19. farmers market strawberries, 20. Enjoy Coke.]


Aleisa said...

I am so glad I won, it seems like I never win anything! Thanks Ashley for having a fun giveaway.

Stacey said...

Ash, I just had to tell you that when I went to the dentist yesterday, the hygienist asked if I was home for spring break. When I told him I was in my 30's, he said "Wow. You look a lot younger than that." It was a pain when I was 21 and no one believed I was a grown up, but it's paying off now. ;-)